Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shabbos Preparation

Everyone should do his best to provide meat, delectable fish, and excellent wine. For it is a mitzva to eat fish at each of the Shabbos meals, provided that it does him no harm. However, if it does do him harm, or even if he simply does not like fish, he should not partake of fish. The reason being, Shabbos is meant to be a source of enjoyment, not of discomfiture. In addition, he should sharpen the knife, as this too is accounted an honor for Shabbos. He should, further, put the house in order, drape the beds, and spread a cloth over the table, keeping the table covered for the duration of the Shabbos day. Some go so far as to spread two tablecloths upon the table. He should be extremely joyous about Shabbos’ immanent arrival, keeping in mind how excited he would be were he anticipating the arrival of an important person, and how far he would go to tidy up the house in such a person’s honor. All the more so should he make preparation in honor of the Shabbos Queen.... It is a good idea to taste on erev Shabbos the Shabbos food cooking in the pots – to make sure that it tastes good.

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