Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second Specimen

Today I composed (and sent off) another becoming-acquainted-request letter to a Frumster member that I thought I would publish as a post. Please pardon the indulgence.   

Hi. I was browsing. Suddenly I came upon your profile. Immediately I took an interest. I was overcome by the enchantment of the elements of your story. Thereupon I decided to make contact. I wanted to introduce myself and open the floodgates to the possibility of our forging a connection. But I was soon overtaken by the realization of a reality. The reality was that I did not hold premium membership. Consequently, I would not be empowered to read your message, were you send me one in response to a message that I were to have sent you. Consequently, what would be the point of my sending you a message in the first place? I pondered this question intently, wanting, as I did, so diligently to open up a line of communication with you. Suddenly something profound dawned on me. It was this: I could send you a message without being deterred by the fact that any return message you were to send me would be one I was unable to open up and read, owing to the fact that I lacked premium membership. Here’s why. In the message I sent you, I could include my email address – notstamaguy at gmail dot com. That way, you would be able to respond to me, if you so chose to do, regardless of my lack of entitlement to read messages coming in to me at this website. I pondered this idea; and after a while, I came away convinced that is was very viable. So I wasted no time in composing this message and sending it off to you instantaneously. And now that you have almost finished reading it, you have got your options open before you. One of them is to write me back at my email address and allow us to engage in correspondence that, hopefully, will prove fruitful and, so to say, feed on itself. Of course, taking this route would only make sense if you possessed the desire to enter into a mutual involvement with me for, at least, exploratory purposes. But if you do, I encourage you emphatically to go ahead and do it, because I really think you’re neat!

Shalom uvracha,


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