Friday, June 17, 2011

To Recapitulate

So far, we’ve touched on the Gra’s test for learning Torah lishma; Manoach’s distrust of his wife’s intelligence; the difference between buttons and a necktie as far as gartl-substitutes are concerned; the question of the uniqueness of the twelve months; the difference between posting mareh mekomos well in advance and posting them at the last minute; the idea that the whole system of breaking up the text of the Torah into pasukim, as we know them, is founded on the mesorah of the keri, as opposed to that of the kesiv; the assimilation of davening unthinkingly to idle talk; methods of parsing the formulation of Baruch She-amar; the definition of a congregated body of Jewish people; and the ideal of being faithful.

And in this particular post, we’ve touched on the enumeration of the various things that this blog has, bs”d, so far touched on.

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